HOSPICE- In and Out Patient Care

We specialize in palliative care and provide a place for patients with life limiting conditions to live and pass on with dignity and peace.

Our CARE Givers uses their expertise and methods through our Home Base Care program.

We provide a support group to the elderly and do regular awareness programmes and events ones a month where we treat and pamper our cornerstones.

Counselling Service Centre

We provide counselling to substance abusers and refer them to an in-patient rehabilitation centre should the need arise.

Also, we provide support groups to the parents or legal guardians.

Our additional services included: marriage, religious and trauma counselling including pre and post marital counselling and more.

Gender Base Violence

(GBV) is a profound and widespread problem in South Africa, impacting on people from all walks of life and it is a sickness that does not discriminate.

Due to a lack of GBV cases being reported or help being asked for whatever reason whether it be fear, shame, stigma, depression, feeling powerless, our community is being filled with people who are no longer living but existing and people are putting band-aids on wounds that needs surgery. 

Our children are not doing well at school and we blaming teachers but in actual fact in some cases it’s a psychological problem.

We are in good standing with other organisations to help fight this battle and win. Remember together we are stronger.


Feeding Scheme

Our kitchen provides a nourished meal to the children in the community after school and includes the community at large. The program runs from

 Mondays to Thursday’s

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