DATE: 17 October 2019
Fundraising is an essential and valuable source of revenue for our NPO. The fundraising department is responsible for Funding, raise funds to sustain the Organisation financially. To secure finances, donations, pledges, gifts and any type of assistance that’s needed to help the NPO function.  It’s the responsibility of the Fundraising Department to set up and attend meetings with stakeholders.  It is also our responsibility to develop and sustain the NPO.  
Fundraising will occur in an honest and truthful manner Key role to approach stakeholders, CSI and donors for funding
Donors have a right to expect that their donations are being used primarily for the charitable purposes.
Follow-up and maintain donors, potential donors, sponsors and to ensure that they will donate.
Clear reporting procedures are in place for the stakeholders and Organisation. Funding strategy and operations are reviewed and audited on a regular basis by Management before submission.
The team consist of 4 members:
Charlene Marais
Agatha Harmen
Millicent Le Grange
Ralston Coetzee
Departments in Fundraising 
CSI Applications
Public Relations  
Charlene Marais and Agatha Harmen 
We responsible for the planning of all events 
Request letters 
Donations of any kind  
Office admin 
Thank you letters
CSI Applications 
 Millicent le Grange
Responsible for CSI Applications  
 Social media 
  Ralston Coetzee 
Social Media
Report submitted by Charlene Marais